Does Your Debt Include Student Loans?

by Kayc

Posted on 10/14/2019


It's no secret that we have a huge debt problem in America. When we say huge we mean 22 trillion huge. Of that 22 trillion, $1.52 trillion is student loan debt. Keeping track of what you owe each month and when it’s due can be confusing, and you might even miss payments because of how many you have. Causing your credit score to plummet even further. 

What’s worse is, student loan debt can add to your overall financial stress rather quickly unless you take proactive measures. One way people can control their finances and take advantage of the countless programs available to assist with their student loan debt is through consolidation or forgiveness programs.

American Student Loan Advocates has friendly and knowledgeable Student Loan Advisers eager to assist with your Student Loan needs. They have assisted thousands of student loan borrowers apply and qualify for government approved programs that are designed to ease the financial stress many are facing when dealing with their student loan payments.

Such as:

  • Consolidation

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness

  • School Closure Discharge

  • Disability Discharge

Through their many programs, you can be sure to benefit from:

  • Standard Repayment Plan

  • Extended Standard Repayment Plan

  • Graduated Repayment

  • Extended Graduated Repayment

  • Income Contingent Repayment

  • Income Based Repayment

  • Pay As You Earn

Choosing to stay in debt can make it difficult to move forward with your life. Once you are ready, eliminating your debt is easy. Addressing all of your debt needs, including your students loans, is a necessary step in living debt free. Freeing yourself of credit card debt alone isn’t enough. 

You may find you're eligible for complete student loan forgiveness, discharge, or at the very least, lower monthly payments. Stop stressing & start saving. Call American Student Loan Advocates today for help with your Student Loans (844) 499-LOAN

  • What is the best debt relief option for you?